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Disaster Recovery consultants & Experts

The Plans

We validate your plans ensuring that it maps out the process of resuming normal business operations, reconstructing, or salvaging vital and other important info, data, and equipment, it becomes a guide for all managers and employees during a disruptive event


Our specialists will analyze your infrastructure to determine whether it will be adequate when invoked. This Includes Solution design, Cloud Implementation, Remote DR Sites and Backup methodologies. DR relies upon the replication of data in an off-premises location not affected by the disruptive event


One of the main goals of a disaster recovery test is to determine if a DR plan can work and meet an organization’s predetermined RPO/RTO requirements. It also provides feedback to enterprises so they can amend their DR plan should any unexpected issues arise.

ITSCM Implementation

IT service continuity management focuses on planning for incident prevention, prediction, and management with the goal of maintaining service availability and performance at the highest possible levels before, during, and after a disaster-level incident. We can assist you to Implement this to your current service desk

Resilience training

We offer training and consultation for businesses to maintain acceptable service levels when there is a disruption of business operations, critical processes, or your IT ecosystem. We incorporate the latest in Ai predictive analytics and tools

Business Continuity

Our business continuity consulting services will help you minimize your company’s level of risk and increase your resiliency. Custom business continuity solutions. Cover risks and implement best practices with us. Plan for the future: Address risks, and build resilience

Let us take the strain of managing your resilience , DR and BCM programs at a fraction of the cost

With our expertise and services on board you wont need to hire permanent BCM and DR specialists.

Services include

  • Conduct a site survey
  • Review current BCMS and IT continuity Plans
  • Review Infrastructure and Backup processes
  • Review the invocation process
  • Implement Risk Mitigation controls
  • Validate BIA  & Recovery time objectives
  • Validate 3rd party SLA’s and continuity arrangements
  • Implement reporting and management process
  • Use custom Ai Predictive analytics
  • Conduct staff training
  • Conduct several table top tests both internal and external
  • Conduct IT recovery rehearsal and fail over
  • Conduct BIRA
  • Assess Risk Management
  • Embed ISO22301
  • Embed ISO270001
  • Audit  Cobit 5 controls
  • Audit ITIL controls
  • Measure the maturity
  • Supply templates
  • Playbooks and required documents
  • Conduct a technical recovery on your behalf
  • Strategy and solution design
  • Implement DR Sites and Equipment
  • Conduct fully integrated test incorporating BCM and DR
  • Coordinate and Manage All aspects of ITSCM
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